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Daejeon Life Festa 2019
Date 2019.09.05 Hits 368
Daejeon 2019.09.06~2019.09.08 PlaceDujiangyan




Slogan: The World’s Biggest Throwback Party

Held in Daejeon, located in the heart of Korea, Daejeon Live Festa is the largest music festival in town!

This is your chance to create unforgettable memories on a midsummer night, while enjoying live performances by top artists and bands with beer under Habit Tower!

There will be a newtro stationery store that will trigger nostalgia and a wide range of different hands-on activities that will provide awesome throwbacks!

So come and join the biggest live party in Daejeon including the final EDM party this September! 



Opening Ceremony Kota Bharu Peace Memorial Park


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