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Opening Ceremony Kota Bharu Peace Memorial Park
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Kota Bharu 2019.04.07~2019.04.07 PlaceKota Bharu




On July 4th, the first Japanese garden was opened in Kota Bharu. The garden was named Kota Bharu Peace Memorial Park and was donated by The Honourable Dato’ Yoshioka, Honorary Chairman Rohm-Wako of Japan. Rohm-Wako is a leading electronics factory based in Kasaoka City, Japan and it also has a branch in Kota Bharu, the Rohm-Wako Electronics Malaysia Berhad. The factory has been established in Kota Bharu since 1989. The Kota Bharu Peace Memorial Park was built in the area of Pengkalan Chepa which is next to Rohm-Wako factory and also close to the Kota Bharu airport.

In 1999, Kota Bharu had declared a  friendship city with Kasaoka City in Okayama, Japan through the company Rohm-Wako Japan. This year 2019, the 20 years anniversary of the friendship city will be celebrated in Japan this October 2019. The park was officially opened by Deputy Chief Minister of Kelantan, Dato’ Mohd Amar bin Abdullah. Beside the opening ceremony, the Japan Festival also was held at the same venue. Cultural performances from Japan like Taiko drums, Japanese food exhibition and Japanese traditional games were also introduced at the festival. Members from Kasaoka City came to Kota Bharu and opened their exhibitions. The four members from Newcastle of Japan, Shinshiro, also present and joined the exhibition. The turnout of the crowd to the festival was tremendous and it is estimated around 5000 people came to the festival. The Japan Festival was conducted with a good collaboration between Kota Bharu City Council, Rohm-Wako Malaysia, Council General Japan of Penang, Japan Foundation, Shinshiro City, Kasaoka City, Kelantan Museum, Kelantan Tourism Information Centre and volunteers of students from University of Malaysia Kelantan. 


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