What we do in 2022

1. Operation

1. The 10th TPO General Assembly
  • Participants : TPO Members and invited delegations, approximately 1,000 ppl
  • Purpose : As the supreme decision-making body, collect the opinions from TPO members on important issues of TPO, sharing the knowledge and experience in the tourism field.
  • Venue : North Sumatra, Indonesia
  • Period : Second half of 2022
2. The 38th & 39th Executive Committee Meeting
  • Purpose : To deliberate on significant issues related to the operation of the Organization, such as approval of new members, Budget, etc. The 38th Executive Committee Meeting: In the first half of 2022 (Online) The 39th Executive Committee Meeting: During the General Assembly
3. TPO Regional Meetings by country
  • Participant : Representatives of the Member city and organization
  • Purpose : To network amongst the member cities including the Secretariat
  • Provide detailed information on TPO activities, new initiatives, and projects
  • Discuss the ways to maximize the benefits of the members
  • Period : Timelines differ from each country
4. TPO 20th Anniversary Project
  • Purpose : To celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the establishment and discuss the future direction of the Organization
  • Period and Venue: August-September, KOR(TBD)

2. Joint Projects

1. Joint Marketing Project
  • Participants : Working-level officials, marketers of the city members, related businesses, etc.
  • Purpose Support the tourism marketing activities of member cities and promote city brands Increase the efficiency and reduce marketing expenses through the joint project
2. Human Resources Development in the Tourism Sector

1) CLIP 2022(Culture & Language Immersion Program)

  • Participants : Anyone over the age of 18
  • Purpose : Contribute to fostering human resources and building networks amongst the next generation of experts in the tourism sector through language education, cultural experiences, and field trips, etc.

2) Capacity Building Program for TPO Members

  • Participants : Working level officials of TPO members and experts in the tourism sector
  • Purpose : To strengthen the cooperative system between members by providing training programs for working-level officials and other tourism stakeholders of the members to recover the tourism sector and enhance their competitiveness as well as to support their capabilities of tourism product development
3. TPO Member City Tourism Information Exchange Project
  • Purpose : Provide an opportunity to promote the tourism destinations of the members through exchanging the tourism-related information between and amongst the counterpart
  • Details : Promote the partner member’s tourism information through the media operated by the other member
  • Period : Throughout the year

3. Information Service and Communication

1. Operation of the TPO website
  • Introduce the organization’s activities and enhance communication amongst members
  • Provide tourism information and reinforce the PR functions
  • Served in English and Korean
2. Publication of TPO E-Newsletter『Tourism News Patrol』
  • Published online in English and Korean per month