TPO Activity

1. Management of Organization

제8회 TPO 총회 개최
1. The 9th TPO General Assembly
  • TPO Forum is to discuss topical issues in the tourism industry and to share knowledge and
    experiences among working-level officials of member cities.
  • Period: 25 – 28 September 2019
  • Venue: Busan, Korea
  • Objectives: To deliberate on significant issues in the field of tourism and
    to exchange information and opinions among member cities.
  • Budget Preparation: Airfare, Accommodation, Registration Fee, etc.
제30회 및 제31회 운영위원회 (운영위원도시 대상)
2. The 33rd and 34th Executive Committee Meetings
  • Objectives: Within the scope of the General Assembly’s decisions, the Executive Committee deliberates on various matters related to the operation and projects of the organization.
  • Details: To deliberate on significant issues related to the operation of the organization such as budget plans and approval of new members. Decisions made at the Executive Committee Meeting shall be submitted to the General Assembly for approval.
    • The 33rd Executive Committee meeting (3rd week of June 2019 / Jakarta / TBD)
    • The 34th Executive Committee meeting (26 September 2019 / Busan / TBD)
  • Budget Preparation: Airfare, Accommodation, etc.
국가별 지역회의
3. TPO Regional Meetings
  • Participants: Delegates from city members and members in the private sectors.
  • Objectives: Regional Meeting is an official meeting for the working level representatives of the member cities. It will be conducted as a regional group session, focusing on joint projects and programs as well as interesting topics in the regions.
    • Regional Meeting for Indonesia : 11 February 2019 / Jakarta (TBD)
    • Regional Meeting for Korea : 15 February 2019 / Boryeong (TBD)
    • Regional Meeting for Vietnam : 8 March 2019 / Dalat (TBD)
    • Regional Meeting for Malaysia : TBD
    • Regional Meeting for China : TBD
    • Regional Meeting for Japan : TBD
  • Budget Preparation: Airfare, Accommodation, etc.

2. Joint Projects

1. Joint Marketing Project
(Joint participation in international travel exhibitions or holding of the TPO Travel Presentation)
  • Participants: City members and members in the private sectors, etc.
  • Purpose
    • To support the tourism marketing activities of member cities and
      facilitate their tourism industry through the promotion of their brands
    • To increase the efficiency and reduce marketing expenses through the joint project
    • Strengthen mutual cooperation for the development of the tourism industry in TPO member cities.
  • 1st Project : TPO Travel Trade 2019 (3rd week of June 2019 / Jakarta / TBD)
  • 2nd Project : TPO Travel Trade 2019 (During the 9th TPO General Assembly)
  • 3rd Project : TPO Travel Trade 2019 (November 2019 / Kunming)
관광분야 인재육성사업 (구STEP)
2. Human Resources Development Program in Tourism Sector
  • About 40 participants over 18 years of age
  • Purpose :
    • To contribute to the development of human resources in the field of tourism through language education, cultural experience, field trips etc.
    • To establish a network of youngsters around the world
  • Period : 1 or 2 weeks in July – August 2019
  • Host : Andong and other member cities in Korea
TPO 회원도시 관광정보 교환사업
3. TPO Member City Tourism Information Exchange Project
  • Participants: City members
  • Purpose
    • To provide an opportunity to promote the tourism destinations of the member cities through exchanging the tourism-related information between and among member cities
    • To promote the partner city’s tourism destinations through the media operated by the member city
  • Details : Publish tourism-related advertising articles of the member city A in the media of public relations of the member city B. In the meantime, the member city B is to do vise-versa
  • Matching and information exchanges : January to June
  • Promotion : July to December
TPO 회원도시 관광정보 교환사업
4. Operation of TPO Marketing Center
  • Venue : Busan Global Village, Busan, Korea
  • Establishment Date : March 2018
  • Details
    • Promotion of TPO and its member cities to around 40,000 visitors annually
    • Showing PR videos on tourism products and resources of the member cities
    • Provision and distribution of promotional material of the member cities
    • English lessons on tourism resources of the member cities

3. Information Service and Communication

1. Operation of TPO Website
  • TPO website is operated to introduce the organization’s activities, to enhance communication among members, to provide tourism information, and to reinforce PR functions
  • Served in Chinese, English, Japanese, and Korean
2. Publication of TPO official magazine『Tourism Scope』
  • Tourism Scope is published quarterly to introduce and promote the tourism resources and events of member cities in the form of E-magazine in Chinese, English, Japanese, and Korean
  • About 300 books are printed in English and distributed to the member cities
3. Publication of TPO E-Newsletter『Tourism News Patrol』
  • Tourism News Patrol is published every month as E-newsletter in Chinese, English, Japanese, and Korean

4. Payment of Annual Membership Fee 2019

Member Categories After
Category 1 Government 3,000 USD
Category 2 Non-Profit and
Non-Government Organization
1,500 USD
Category 3 Business and Industry 500 USD

※ The above activity plans are subject to change