TPO Activity

1. Management of Organization

 The 8th TPO Forum
1. The 8th TPO Forum
  • TPO Forum is to discuss topical issues in the tourism industry and to share knowledge and experiences among working-level officials of member cities.
  • Period: To be decided
  • Venue: Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
  • Participants: Delegates from 85 member cities and 45 industry members, invited guests
  • Objectives: To deliberate on significant issues in the field of tourism and to exchange information and opinions among member cities.
  • Budget Preparation: Airfare, Accommodation, Registration Fee, etc.
The 31st and 32nd Executive Committee Meetings
2. The 31st and 32nd Executive Committee Meetings
  • Objectives: Within the scope of the General Assembly’s decisions, the Executive Committee deliberates on various matters related to the operation and projects of the organization.
  • Details: To deliberate on significant issues related to the operation of the organization such as budget plans and approval of new members. Decisions made at the Executive Committee Meeting shall be submitted to the General Assembly for approval.
    • The 31st Executive Committee Meeting: To be decided
    • The 32nd Executive Committee Meeting: To be decided
  • Budget Preparation: Airfare, Accommodation, etc.
Regional Meetings
3. Regional Meetings
  • Participants: Delegates from city members and members in the private sectors.
  • Objectives: Regional Meeting is an official meeting for the working level representatives of the member cities. It will be conducted as a regional group session, focusing on joint projects and programmes as well as interesting topics in the regions.
    • Regional Meeting of Korea (February, Korea)
    • Regional Meeting of China (During TPO Forum)
    • Regional Meeting of Southeast Asia (During TPO Forum)
    • Regional Meeting of Japan (During TPO Forum)
  • Budget Preparation: Airfare, Accommodation, etc.

2. Joint Projects

Joint Marketing Project
1. Joint Marketing Project
  • TPO performs the joint tourism marketing activities for member cities to facilitate their tourism sector and to attract tourist arrivals.
  • Participants: City members and members in the private sectors, etc.
  • Objectives
    • To support the tourism marketing activities of member cities and facilitate their tourism industry through the promotion of their brands
    • To reduce expenses and to maximize the marketing impact through the joint project of member cities
    • Strengthen mutual cooperation for the development of the tourism industry in TPO member cities.
  • Participation in travel fairs or holding TPO Travel Trade
  • 1st Project – in the host city of the 8th TPO Forum
    • Period: To be decided
    • Venue: Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
    2nd Project – To be decided
    • Period and Venue:
    3rd Project – To be decided
    • Period and Venue:
  • Budget Preparation: Airfare, Accommodation, etc.
Joint Marketing Project
Human Resources Development Program in Tourism Sector
2. Human Resources Development Program in Tourism Sector
  • “Human Resources Development in Tourism Sector” is a project that TPO puts great emphasis. K-CLIP was created with the purpose of developing cultural understanding and global awareness among young people who will lead the society in the coming day. K-CLIP, so far held under the names of “TPO Youth Multi-Media Culture Camp”, “Discover Asia in Korea”, “Tourism Universiade”, “K-CLIP 2014”, Surabaya-CLIP 2016, and K-CLIP 2016 etc. has gathered a large number of young talents from the Asia Pacific Region over the past few years.
  • Objectives
    • Contribute to the development of culture and tourism through the exchange of the international participants.
    • Foster global understanding and cultivate global thinking among youth by sharing participants’ home cultures and embracing new ones.
    • Create a network of youngsters and provide an opportunity for in-depth understanding of the host city and its cultures through cultural activities and field trips.
  • Participants: Participants over 18 years of age
  • Period: Twice a year (August and December)
  • Venue: To be decided
  • Budget Preparation: Expenses to host the programme or support for 1-day FAM Trip
Tourism Information Exchange Project for TPO Member Cities
3. TPO Member City Tourism Information Exchange Project
  • Participants: 85 member cities
  • Objectives:
    • To provide an opportunity to promote the tourism destinations of TPO member cities through exchanging the tourism-related information each other.
    • To build a long-term information exchange system through the cooperation among TPO member cities.
    • Period: Continuation and Expansion of Exchange
  • Application: Application form is available at the official website of TPO:

3. Information Service and Communication

1. Operation of TPO Website (
  • Information Service and Communication is aiming at providing the latest trends of tourism industry and member cities’ tourism information such as tourist destinations, travel products, festivals, events, and mutual exchange etc.
    • Introduction of TPO and its activities and communication with members
    • To post the latest tourism information and promotional videos of member cities
    • Service in English, Korean, Japanese, and Chinese
2. Publication of TPO official magazine『Tourism Scope 』
  • Tourism Scope is delivering to over 1,600 copies around the world, including city governments, tourism organizations and institutes, travel agencies, hotels, airline etc.
  • Publication: 4 times a year (March, June, September, December)
    • Introduction and promotion of tourism destinations, events and festivals, and cultural heritages of member cities
    • Publication of E-Magazine in English, Korean, Chinese, and Japanese
    • Delivery the printed edition in English
  • For any inquiries or questions, please contact the TPO Secretariat
3. Publication of TPO E-Newsletter『Tourism News Patrol 』
  • Publication: Every month
  • Language: English, Korean, Chinese, Japanese
  • No. of article: 10 – 15 articles in 4 languages
  • Details: Tourism news, events, festivals related to the member cities and information on the activities of TPO.
  • Article Submission
    • Form: Tourism related article in English including its title and photos
    • Length: 1-page on the basis of MS Word / Space between letters: 1.5, letter: 12 point
    • Submission: By 10th of every month via E-mail /

4. Payment of Annual Membership Fee 2018

Member Categories After
Category 1 Government 3,000 USD
Category 2 Non-Profit and
Non-Government Organization
1,500 USD
Category 3 Business and Industry 500 USD