TPO Newsletter No.150 | 2017-07-31
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In this issue :
  • 1. Blow away the sweltering summer heat
  • 2. A delegation from Tongyeong visited China to promote the 8th TPO General
  • 3. George Town Festival
  • 4. Vladivostok, Russia set to host the Vladivostok International Marathon on
        September 23
  • 5. Danang International Fireworks
  • 6. Osaka, Japan hosts the 2017 KOREA MONTH
  • 7. Foshan opened the Gollywood filming sets to the world
  • 8. Liupanshui successfully hosts the 4th Tourism and Culture Industry Advancement
  • 9. Gangneung, Korea set to host the 3rd Ohsaekdalbit Gangneung Culture Night 2017
  • 10. Busan, Korea opens Korea’s first movie-related experience center, Busan Museum
        of Movies
Member & Industry News

1. Blow away the sweltering summer heat

at the Cool Summer Festival at Gimhae Gaya Theme Park

The Gimhae Gaya Theme Park, which is now regarded as the perfect theme park for those who looking to spend quality time with family in Busan and Gyeongsangnam-do area, will be welcoming its visitors with an exciting summer festival.

The Cool Summer Festival will take place at the theme park until August 31 this year. In addition to the waterpark facilities, there will be a summer theme zone as well as events and firework shows to celebrate the 2nd anniversary of its opening. As such, a wide range of programs and events are set to take place throughout July and August.

◆ Enjoy a cool and thrilling experience at the Gaya Sky Pool and Waterplay on top of a mountain
The highlights of the Cool Summer Festival are arguably the waterpark facilities, Gaya Sky Pool, and Waterplay. The Gaya Sky Pool, covering an area of 1,600㎡, is located at the peak of a mountain. It consists of three large pools (20×15m, 15×10m, 10×10m), three of the latest waterslides, and a rest area with parasols. Waterplay, which newly opened this year, is also drawing much attention. The admission ticket, which only costs KRW 8,000 each, grants you access to the waterpark facilities as well as the Gaya Warrior Adventure. This is a great way to enjoy the summer to the fullest at an affordable price.

◆ Fantastic concerts and shows at night
Fantastic concerts and shows will also be staged at the Gimhae Gaya Theme Park in the evening. The scheduled shows include band, juggling and dance performances, which will help the audience endure the tropical nights in a more pleasant way. Stay at the theme park through the day and until the evening to check out the exciting concerts and shows.

◆ Filled with daytime events including a treasure hunt and the Liberation Day celebrations
On bok-nal (canicular days), people can enjoy a special treasure hunt at the theme park. There will be a total of six treasure hunts taking place on July 8 and 9 before Chobok (the first canicular day), July 22 and 23 before Jungbok (the second canicular day) and August 5 and 6 before Malbok (the last canicular day). The “hidden treasures” found during the treasure hunt events can be exchanged for special prizes. It is the perfect way to regain energy and stay active during the summer.

An authority of the Gimhae Gaya Theme Park said, “We’ve prepared an abundance of events and programs to help people blow away the sweltering heat at the Gimhae Gaya Theme Park, and it will be a great way to spend your afternoon and even better at night. We are armed with various things to see and enjoy, so come anytime and enjoy it.”

2. A delegation from Tongyeong visited China to promote the 8th TPO General Assembly

Kim Dong-jin, the Mayor of Tongyeong, paid a visit to the TPO member cities in China from June 20 to 23, and promoted the General Assembly of the Tourism Promotion Organization for Asia Pacific Cities (TPO) held in Tongyeong from October 18 to 21. Tongyeong City and the TPO Secretariat set to prepare for the 8th TPO General Assembly which will take place under the theme of “City Brand & Tourism.” The delegation from the host city, Tongyeong visited China to encourage the mayors of member cities to attend the General Assembly in Tongyeong.

TPO Secretary General Shin Yeon-sung also joined the delegation on June 20. The delegation paid a visit to the member cities including Guangzhou, Foshan and Shaoguan, and requested the mayors to attend the General Assembly to contribute to the solidarity and networking among the member cities.

Mayor Kim Dong-jin, at the meeting with Mr. Wang Dong, Vice-mayor of Guangzhou, which is the President City of TPO, explained the sessions of the 8th TPO General Assembly and its differentiation from the previous Assemblies. Vice-mayor Wang agreed on the significance and the direction of the 8th Assembly, expressing his appreciation to the host city and the TPO Secretariat. He also expressed his anticipation of the successful outcomes of the General Assembly, and promised that Guangzhou as the president city will provide full support to be a well attended General Assembly.

In Foshan and Shaoguan, the delegation shared the plans to boost practical exchange and cooperation in the tourism sector by grouping cities with similar characteristics based on special themes, in relation to the slogan, City Brand and Tourism. The delegation also explained the plans to give a concert by inviting musical performance groups during the Assembly, hoping to create a setting for discussing the mutual exchanges between the cities of music.

Tongyeong City plans to present a set of guidelines for the existing member cities with similar characteristics to implement practical and specific exchanges and provide opportunities for new member cities to promote their tourism resources more widely.

It is expected that around 500 people including the representatives from 81 member cities and 40 private organizations in 10 countries as well as tourism experts and invitees will attend the upcoming TPO General Assembly.

3. George Town Festival

George Town Festival is an annual month-long celebration of arts, culture, heritage and community. Celebrating its 8th year, the Festival aims to make arts accessible to the community by transforming the city into a global stage, showcasing world-class collaborations from international and local artists alike.

With over one hundred unique events each year, the festival seeks to create new and vibrant connections between the traditional and the contemporary, the past and the future. Drawing thousands of visitors each year to Penang, George Town Festival is quickly becoming one of Asia’s must see events. In its eighth year now, the festival returns from the 28th of July until the 3rd of September 2017.

4. Vladivostok, Russia set to host the Vladivostok International Marathon on September 23

An international marathon will take place in Vladivostok, which contains a number of cultural and historical landmarks, on September 24 (local time).

There will be three events (42.2km, 21.1km and 5km), and around 5,000 people from Russia, Korea, China and Japan among other countries are expected to take part in the events. The information at the international reception will be provided in Korean, Chinese and English, and there will be ambulances, patrolling cyclists and volunteers to ensure safety and security. Also, the runners will wear a technical device that will accurately record their results.

Those who wish to participate must submit an application form and pay the participation fee via the official website ( by September 15. The participation fee is RUB 1,100 (approx. USD 19) for the 5km race, RUB 2,200 (approx. USD 37) for the 21.1km race, and RUB 3,300 (approx. USD 56) for the 42.2km traditional marathon.

5. Danang International Fireworks

Danang International Fireworks Demonstration Contest (Danang International Fireworks Competition – DIFC) is an event of international tourism culture Danang is organizing on the occasion of 29 and April 30 each year (previously 27 and 28 March). The competition was first held in 2008 with the participation of four international teams.

Stemming from the idea of creating the cultural activities on an international level and attracting tourists, Da Nang has been selected as the only locality in the country organizing the international fireworks competition annually. The fireworks display was held in two banks of the river. Every year the topic is different.

In this occasion, Da Nang become sparkling and full of color, painting a scene incredibly unique and compelling. Many arts programs take place for two nights with traditional boat racing on the Han River, the boat performed flowers, art exhibitions, flower drop on the Han River … It would be a pity if you come to Danang on this day without enjoying firsthand dance of light in the sky, image of the Han river. .

With the initial success, the brand competition is becoming more prestige and attracting the public interest. From where no crowd (2008), starting from the DIFC in 2009 the stands for viewers were installed with 6,000 seats. In 2012, the size of crowd watching fireworks was expanded to 30,000 seats.

Besides, many companies world-famous for fireworks took the initiative to contact for this event. The number and reputation of participating teams increased, the performances are also investing carefully, not only technically but also in terms of ideas and originality.

2017, marked a change of DIFC attraction when the competition was renamed the International Fireworks Festival in Da Nang (DIFF 2017), attracted eight participating teams and lasted for two months, from 30/4-24/6. For the first time, Vietnam has a long festival throughout the summer. This is also the first time the vibrant street carnival and diaphragm accompanied Festival. Along with it, a food festival is like no other, the main anchor of this year’s festival: Shining with Marble Mountains.

6. Osaka, Japan hosts the 2017 KOREA MONTH

The Korean Cultural Center in Osaka, Japan has organized a wide range of festivals from June 24 to August 2 to introduce Korean culture during the '2017 KOREA MONTH' which was designated with the aim of enhancing cultural connections and exchanges between Korea and Japan.

The festival under the slogan, “Friendship and Hope,” kicked off with the Mini Korean Classical Opera: Tokki-taryeong (Folk Song, "the Rabbit") by a celebrated pansori singer, Ahn Sook-sun. The K-pop and K-pop Dance Cover Contest, targeting the contestants who are not Korean natives, was held in Kitakyushu, Fukuoka on July 1.

"Lee Hyo-jae and Hanbok Fashion Show" presented the beauty of hanbok, or traditional Korean dress, to the Japanese audience. A Hanbok designer and housework artist, Lee Hyo-jae, who had designed and made costumes for the dramas, The King’s Woman and The Age of Heroes, also hosted "Bojagi (Wrap Cloth) Art Workshop" at the Korean Cultural Center on July 18.

A number of Korean cultural events ranging from traditional art performances, a hanbok fashion, to concert and exhibitions were organized for the 2017 KOREA MONTH, which was the chance to increase mutual exchanges between Korea and Japan and lived up to its slogan "Friendship and Hope."

The festival will be wrapped up with the Korean Language Workshop for local Korean language teachers and instructors from July 29 to Aug. 2.

For inquiries, feel free to contact the Korean Cultural Center in Osaka (06-6292-8760/ or visit its website (

7. Foshan opened the Gollywood filming sets to the world

Foshan hosted an event to attract investments projected by the Southern Media Center of China in time for the Shanghai International Film Festival, serving as an important film platform. At the meeting, Gollywood of Foshan unveiled its 60 movie and drama filming sets to the world. The representatives of the Foshan government invited film production teams from around the world to the filming sets, and successfully concluded 18 strategic cooperation agreements concerning the media industry including investment, production, professional training, and media tourism. World-famous animation studios including the productions, Mulan and The Lion King, took part in the event. It is expected that Gollywood will gain the reputation similar to that of Hollywood in the world of movies.

Official website of Gollywood(

8. Liupanshui successfully hosts the 4th Tourism and Culture Industry Advancement Fair

The the 4th Tourism and Culture Industry Advancement Fair held in Liupanshu, a city in Guizhou Province, China, was organized by Liuzhi Special District. A wide range of congratulatory events were prepared to recommend and promote the rich cultural and tourism resources of the region and create an exciting atmosphere during the fair.

On June 7, a cultural and tourist festival titled the Millennium Carnival took place in Yanjiaozhen. At the opening ceremony, the China Economic Forest Association gave Yanjiaozhen the formal title “Sage of Millennium Waxberry Tree.”

On June 29 (the sixth day of June in the lunar calendar), the Moon River district held a 'Bouyei People Festival' in Liangdu to attract tourists from the nearby cities, counties and provinces including Yunnan and Jiangxi. The event shed light on the traditional folk culture of the Bouyei people as well as their exquisite traditional costumes and accessories, unique cuisine, and folk musical instruments, and received rave reviews from the audiences.

9. Gangneung, Korea set to host the 3rd Ohsaekdalbit Gangneung Culture Night 2017

The Ohsaekdalbit Gangneung Culture Night is a new type of cultural experience program centering on the cultural assets found in the old city center of Gangneung, and it is scheduled to take place over the course of 3 days from August 3 to 5 this year.

The Ohsaekdalbit Gangneung Culture Night will take place under the slogan, “History does not lie down to rest even at night,” with experience programs combining a wide range of local cultural heritage and historical sites and the nearby cultural facilities (e.g. museums, art galleries, etc.) at a location where there is a cluster of cultural assets.

This year, there will be 30 different programs being conducted under 8 major themes: Yasa (Night and History), Yaseol (Traditional and Contemporary Performances at Night), Yahwa (Exhibitions and Experience Programs at Night), Yasi (Cultural Market at Night), Yaro (Street Performances at Night), Yagyeong (Night View), Yasik (Late-night Food), and Yasuk (Healing at Night).

For more detailed information, contact the Culture and Arts Division of Gangneung City (033-640-5581) or the Gangneung Cultural Center (033-823-3213), or visit the official website (

10. Busan, Korea opens Korea’s first movie-related experience center, Busan Museum of Movies

The Busan Museum of Movies (BOM) opened its doors on July 4 (Tues.), as the first movie-related experience facility in Korea. BOM, located in Jung-gu, Busan, a 4-story building with three basement floors (gross floor area: 11,300㎡) equipped with a multimedia hall, special exhibition hall, permanent exhibition halls, HMD hall, archive and photography studio. At the permanent exhibition halls located on the third and fourth floors, visitors can undertake the mission of exploring movies during which they get to learn about the history of movies, movies filmed in Busan, and movie production techniques. Visitors can also engage in various experience programs at the Cinema Academy and Studio, and a virtual reality (VR) experience at the HMD Hall on the fourth floor.

BOM is located at 12, Daecheong-ro 126beon-gil, Jung-gu, Busan, and is open from 10 a.m. until 6 p.m. Visitors can present their Busan City Tour, flight, KTX or passenger cruise ticket to receive a 20% discount, while Busan residents can receive a 30% discount. One admission ticket costs KRW 10,000 for an adult and KRW 7,000 for a student.

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